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Well-Built Sharps Containers from a Company in Flushing, Michigan

Keep your bloody lancets, and needles safely contained within sharps containers from CSP Medical Waste Solutions in Flushing, Michigan. Our medical waste disposal company also hires fully-trained and certified technicians to collect your filled containers every 90 days with eventual waste destruction at a certified facility.

Our Sharp Containers
All sharps containment vessels are marked with a safety line to prevent overfill. They also come fully-equipped with air-sealed lids to ensure a safe environment for employees and patients, especially when they are full. Each container has a tracking number which is associated with its final landfill destination.

Sharp Container Rates
We offer a variety of sizes to accommodate your changing needs. For instance, a pharmacy that gives flu vaccine shots needs a 1 or 2-gallon container during the active season and maybe only a 1-quart container during the off-season. Here is an up-to-date price list for our sharps containers and tubs:

Container, Sharps Containers in Flushing, MI
• 1-Gallon Container–$13.66
• 1-Quart Container–$8.46
• 2-Gallon Container–$11.87
• 3-Gallon Container –$16.14
• 11-Gallon Container–$25.31

• 25-Gallon Bag–$6.00 (max 2 lb wt)
• 45-Pound Box–$45.00
• 8-Gallon Waste Bucket–$17.28
• Sharps Awareness Stickers–$5.00 

* all prices include disposal cost*
Bio Waste, Sharps Containers in Flushing, MI

Container Specials
Currently, we offer some great deals on sharps containers. As above, all prices include the cost of waste destruction and new, empty replacement containers.

• Tattoo Container–$6.42
• Doctor/Dentist Container–$9.31

• Hotel Waste Tub Special–$45.00

*all prices include disposal cost*

To learn more about our reasonably-priced convenient waste disposal
tubs and containers, contact our office in Flushing, Michigan.