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Biohazardous Waste Collection & Disposal from in Flushing, Michigan

CSP Medical Waste Solutions in Flushing, Michigan, provides convenient biohazardous waste collection to local homes and businesses. We also bring it to a facility to ensure waste destruction occurs. Contact our certified technicians today to learn more.

Our Process
We charge a flat rate of $50.00 for each commercial pickup every 90 days as required by law.  The maximum weight per container is 45 pounds.

Step 1: Your sharps containers and waste are picked up. A technician documents the amount of waste and assigns each container a tracking number. You get a pink copy of the technician’s paper log.

Step 2: Waste is placed in our secured truck.

Step 3: Our truck returns the waste to a state-approved storage warehouse. Once logged into our inventory, it is weighed and locked in one of our secured waste-storage units.

Step 4: Every 90 days, waste is delivered to a certified facility in Elkhart, Indiana. It is incinerated at a temperature of 2000 degrees Ferinheit. From there, the hardened material is placed in 1 of 6 approved landfills in the Central USA. You get a signed yellow copy from our technicians’ log sheet stating your waste has been destroyed. In the near future, this will be paperless.

Bio Waste, Waste Destruction in Flushing, MI

Our Commercial Disposal Service
You can purchase one of our sharps containers per our price list. You also pay $50.00 for pick-up and disposal every 90 days as required by law. If you use your own waste containers, a minimum charge per pound is added to your service fee.

Our Residential Disposal Service
For only $20.00, we provide you with a 1-quart approved container and pick it up at your home  every 90 days. You receive documentation of proper storage, incineration, and landfill disposal. For only about 20 cents a day, it’s a small price to pay to preserve our environment.

Contact us in Flushing, Michigan to field any specific inquiries on our medical waste disposal procedures.