Medical Waste Removal Service:
Keeping the World Greener
for Future Generations!

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Company Mission


Our organization was formed with the goal of providing a cost efficient service and compliance for the people who generate Medical Waste so that we can give them Pease of Mind that this whole area of concern is nothing to worry about.  We provide a yearly schedule of dates of pick up and we call that morning to set up a convient time for pick up from the account.  By doing this service, this allows the people who generate this product to utilize all there energy's to make there business/practice be more productive therefore more pofitable.


By providing complete services to our customer, we help them reduce storage problems and cash outlays.  We provide the proper size container needed for 90 days of generated medical waste. This assures air quality.  We pick up timely by trained personal that handle the material in the proper manor and document that all material picked up has been stored, transported, and destroyed properly.  Presently our disposition of material is done at 2000 degrees and air quality standards are met for the area this is done in.  All residue is transported to one of 6 approved Land Fills for ultimate disposition and is documented with the Federal Governmaent.  Documentation of ultimate residue is provided to the generator of all medical waste.  We can assure our customer that our services are equal to or exceed all State and Federal Guide Lines.

Our ultimate goal is to destroy all products with 99.99% air quality and that all residues generated can ultimately be used to generate energy or by other industries.  This ultimate goal will protect the generator from any future possible law suits against he/she and/or heirs as stipulated in Federal Law involving licensed land fills.

We also are provideing sealed containers that are sterile until time of first use and then will  be monitored for up to 90 days,in the interest of preventing airborne diseases to staff and patients plus assure state compliance.